The Sales Mindset Academy is a basic sales course outlining the sales process from prospecting to close. That’s the basic skillset. Where this course differs is that it also delivers the MINDSET needed for success in sales. What mindset? Here I’m talking about “soft skills” – personality traits your team needs to develop to succeed. Each segment of the sales process is tied into the relevant traits that your team should develop.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction
  • The Sales Mindset
  • Finding Customers: Prospecting
  • Call planning
  • Customer Conversations: Discovery and Needs Analysis
  • Customer Conversations: Presenting your solution
  • Sales Adversity: Handling Objections & Basic Negotiation
  • Final Thoughts including Coaching and Role Play

The 160 minutes of content is not designed to be “binge watched” and employees should only consume one lesson per day. The Sales Mindset Academy includes three month inclusion in our discord community with a Monday afternoon group call to help students gain any clarity on course content or application. Don’t wait! Contact sales for pricing options.

Curious? Try our free objection handling lesson.