Dennis DiPasquale is an award winning lecturer at the University of Florida Warrington College of Business. He earned a doctorate in Mass Communication with a specialization in Advertising from the University of Florida where he studied consumers’ changes in motivation to adopt products at differing points in their lifecycle. Previously he worked in IT and was a Brand Director for a mid-sized credit union. He also had his own business that evolved from offering creative services to strategic marketing advising, with a fun off-branch doing concert photography part-time. Since then Dr. D (as his students call him) has focused on sales education, founding the Professional Selling Program at the Warrington College of Business after 4 years of teaching UF students how to sell, subsequently building their confidence. Dr. DiPasquale now researches personality and individual differences, particualrly when it comes to having a successful mindset and career. While focused on Emotional Intelligence and Locus of Control, Dennis is familiar with much of the research from Dwek’s growth mindset to Duckworth’s Grit.