Professor at Warrington and
Director of the UF Sales Program

Dr. Dennis Di Pasquale has made a significant impact as the director of the University of Florida sales program and co-founder of the Professional Selling minor. Recognizing that sales skills are universally valuable, his leadership has shaped a program that equips students with essential hard and soft skills. The Professional Selling minor further enhances students’ problem-solving abilities and ethical understanding, preparing them to excel in any industry.


His course offerings encompass a wide spectrum of marketing and sales topics, including independent studies, marketing management, sales seminars, and more. Through his dynamic teaching style, he fosters critical thinking and practical skill development, preparing students for success in both academia and their future careers. Dr. Di Pasquale’s mentorship extends beyond the classroom, guiding students through various educational experiences that instill confidence and expertise, ultimately shaping the next generation of business leaders and professionals at our school.


Dr. D’s instrumental role in founding Gator SLAM (Sales Leadership And Mentorship) at the University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business has created an empowering platform for sales students. Gator SLAM’s mission is to develop student’s confidence, leadership skills, and soft abilities, offering a real-world extension of sales courses. 

UF Sales Team

Additionally, Gator SLAM is home to the University of Florida Sales Competition Team, a competitive force representing UF on the local, regional, and national stage in sales competitions. This close-knit community fosters mutual support and accountability, making it a place where conflicts are swiftly resolved and students push each other to excel academically and professionally. 

Pi Sigma Epsilon

As the faculty advisor and co-founder of this co-ed business fraternity, Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE), Dr. D has played a pivotal role in shaping the University of Florida students’ identity and mission. PSE strongly emphasizes sales, marketing, and management, aligning perfectly with the objectives of students aspiring to make a global impact. 

Graduate School-PHD Student in Advertising

Dennis Di Pasquale, during his time as a PhD student at the University of Florida, dove into the dynamic realm of Mass Communications with a focus on consumer behavior and marketing. His dissertation investigated the shifting motivations behind product adoption throughout the product lifecycle. His rigorous research not only showcased his dedication but also illuminated critical insights into the ever-evolving consumer landscape, making a significant contribution to the field of Mass Communications.

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