Branding: It's more that a logo, it's leadership & positioning.

Branding is more than an appealing logo. Branding and positioning are critical for your business to lead.  Famous brand experts, Al and Laura Reis point out that there’s only room in the consumer’s mind for two brands per product type. For example, soft drinks: Coke and Pepsi, personal computers: Microsoft and Apple, and even politics: Republicans and Democrats. This leads a business to ask, Where are you in your niche industry? Is there room to grow?

Good branding is an indispensable tool that may advance you beyond the competitors. Kenazz can help you position your products and services to gain the recognition they deserve while being the first in your consumer’s mind.

From start to finish, Kenazz helps you create, implement, and evaluate your brand strategy. We help your business or organization’s focus by defining brand standards that, over time, increase visibility and influence among constituents.


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