What is "Kenazz"

In 2003, principal Dennis DiPasquale started Kenazz Creative Services. His original intention was to provide quality photography, graphic art and web design services that integrated and supported the overall goals of the client.

Over time, Kenazz evolved, providing other support services. Time and experience pushed Kenazz to a more strategic focus, offering more campaigns instead of simple creative services. Over the past years, clients from government (The New Jersey State Police) to banking (Cornerstone Bank) to publishing and music (Origivation Magazine) have come to trust Kenazz to properly advise and support their strategic communications efforts.

Today, Kenazz works with clients to assist with the difficult and constantly changing medium of Social Networking. Using sites like Facebook and MySpace along with tools such as Twitter and blogs can be daunting. They change frequently and the users can be fickle. Dennis has researched these areas, publishing articles on the topics. As someone who also has a keen understanding of branding, Dennis knows the nuances of social media. He can formulate a social media plan for almost any type of business or product that is in tune with your brand.

Dennis works with interns and consultants in crafting a plan that works in and out of the box. Interns with fresh thoughts and innovative ideas from local institutions like Rowan University, Chestnut Hill College and Widener University help bring new perspectives along with a quick understanding of new media and the younger demographic that uses them. Seasoned consultants that are more tuned to the issues that affect businesses help bring in additional experience and polish.


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